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Do You have a Business Tort Claim?

Do You have a Business Tort Claim?

“Torts” is a legal term that means civil wrongs that cause harm to others. Between individuals, a tort might involve a car accident from negligent driving or a physical assault. However, what does torts mean in the business context?

Businesses can file tort claims against individuals or other companies, and they can also face claims filed by others. One thing that business torts have in common is that they can all result in liability or losses to one or more parties. If you think you have a business tort claim, consult with an Encino business litigation lawyer about your options.

Below, learn more about some common types of business torts claims.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Many people in a business organization have fiduciary duties. This is the highest legal duty that can be assigned to financial administrators, officers, agents, and others. When someone with a fiduciary duty acts in self-interest, favors certain parties over the business, or makes irresponsible decisions, they can face action and liability for breaching their fiduciary duty.


Fraud is a term that encompasses many deceptive actions that aim to misappropriate your company’s property or assets. Fraud can occur in almost any business interaction, including false payments by clients, misrepresented contracts, altering payroll and records, and more,

Tortious Interference with Business

Competitors might be tempted to take action that maliciously interferes with one of your business relationships, contracts, client relationships, or other profitable enterprises. You can file a tort claim against parties that purposely disrupt your current or potential business dealings and relations.

Disparagement or Defamation

Companies – just like individuals – can experience defamation and disparagement that lead to losses and other harm. When someone – possibly a former employee – makes false negative statements about your business or its services or products, you can take action against them for the tort of defamation.

Contact an Encino Business Litigation Attorney

If your company suffered harm due to the intentional or negligent actions of others, you might have the right to bring a business tort claim. Speak with an Encino business litigation lawyer from Urbach Law Office, PC, today – contact us online or call 888.212.9071.