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Boundary/Easements Disputes
Boundary/Easements Disputes

Boundary/Easements Disputes

Los Angeles County Boundary/Easement Disputes Attorney

Helping Californians Resolve Property Boundary and Easement Disputes

Property disputes that arise between neighbors that involve boundary lines or easements are often very personal. In some cases, these types of property disputes can be resolved through negotiation, while at other times, litigation may be necessary. One of the most important things to keep in mind in the context of property disputes is to keep your cool and to not let your emotions get the best of you.

The California boundary/easement dispute lawyers at Urbach Law Offices, PC, can help you craft an effective resolution to a boundary/easement dispute with a neighbor.

What is an Easement?

An easement refers to the right of an entity or person to use land that belongs to someone else for a limited purpose. In some cases, an easement involves preventing the owner of the property from doing something with his or her own property.  An easement can be limited in duration or permanent and it can be held by a particular person or “run with the land” and belong to whoever owns the property benefited or burdened by the easement.

What is Boundary Line Encroachment?

A boundary line dispute typically occurs when a physical structure on one property is built or maintained on the property of another. Tree roots that encroach on or under a neighboring property can also form the basis of an illegal encroachment. Sometime, adjoining property owners simply dispute the true property lines between adjoining parcels. In cases where the rights of a property owner are violated for a significant period of time, that property owner may be entitled to recover monetary compensation and to eliminate the encroachment.   

Speak with a Los Angeles County Boundary/Easement Disputes Lawyer

The legal team at Urbach Law Offices, PC, can help you resolve your dispute regarding a boundary or easement dispute. For a free case evaluation and legal consultation with a Los Angeles County boundary line and easement disputes attorney, please call us at (310) 479-1200 or contact us online.