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Breach of Lease
Breach of Lease

Breach of Lease

Breach of Lease Attorney

Representing Landlords and Tenants in Los Angeles County California Breach of Lease Actions

A lease is a contractual agreement between a landlord and a tenant that establishes the tenant’s right to lease space in the landlord’s property. When either a landlord or a tenant breaches one or more terms of a lease, consequences can result, including the need for litigation.

The knowledgeable California breach of lease lawyers at Urbach Law Offices, PC, represent both landlords and tenants and assist them with resolving lease disputes. Let our legal team assist you with resolving your dispute today.

Ways that Tenants Breach Leases

There are several ways that a tenant can breach the terms of a lease. One way is by failing to pay the agreed-upon rent. At other times, the tenant may breach another provision of the lease. For example, the tenant could breach the lease by subleasing the premises without the landlord’s consent or by causing a nuisance on the property.

Ways that Landlords Breach Leases

Landlords also breach leases when they fail to abide by one or more lease provisions. For example, if the landlord engages in self-help to evict a tenant, such as by cutting off the tenant’s utilities, as opposed to going through the court system, then that amounts to a breach of the lease. The landlord can also breach the lease by interfering with the tenant’s use and enjoyment of the property or, in come cases, if the landlord fails to maintain the rental property.

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The experienced legal team at Urbach Law Offices, PC, can assist you with resolving disputes that have to do with lease breaches. For a free case evaluation and legal consultation with a Los Angeles County breach of lease attorney, please call us at (310) 479-1200 or contact us online.