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Business Torts
Business Torts

Business Torts

Los Angeles County Business Torts Attorney

Helping Plaintiffs and Defendants in California Settle or Litigate Business Tort Cases

In the State of California, torts are civil wrongs that are inflicted on a person or entity. Business torts occur in the context of a business. In some cases, the defendant negligently inflicts harm upon the plaintiff business, while at other times, the harm is done intentionally.

The California business torts lawyers at Urbach Law Offices, PC, represent both plaintiffs and defendants. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can assist with your business torts claim or lawsuit.

What are Business Torts?

Many torts, such as in personal injury cases, involve physical harm that is done to a piece of property or a business. Many business torts, on the other hand, are economic in nature. In other words, business torts typically involve economic damage done to a company. This damage can then lead to significant financial losses for the business.

How Business Torts Commonly Occur

Torts in the business context usually occur through deliberate (and sometimes negligent) acts. Common acts that may lead to a business tort claim include fraudulent acts, engaging in unfair competition, stealing trade secrets, unfair rumor spreading, tortiously interfering with a contract, misrepresentation, sharing company information that is confidential, tortiously interfering with a prospective business relation, misusing a business’ intellectual property, and breaching one or more fiduciary duties.

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The skilled legal team at Urbach Law Offices, PC, can assist you in a legal dispute or litigation involving one or more business torts. For a free case evaluation and legal consultation with a Los Angeles County business torts attorney, please call us at (310) 479-1200 or contact us online for more information about how we can help.