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Los Angeles County Real Estate Broker/Sales Disputes Attorney
Los Angeles County Real Estate Broker/Sales Disputes Attorney

Los Angeles County Real Estate Broker/Sales Disputes Attorney

Whether you are a real estate broker or working with a broker in some capacity, disputes can arise for many reasons. The important thing is to resolve these disputes in an efficient manner that also protects your rights and interests. You should never hesitate to discuss any concerns with a real estate broker and sales disputes lawyer in Los Angeles County. Call Urbach Law Offices, PC, today.

Resolving Complex Broker Disputes

Brokers bring together real estate buyers and sellers who conduct a transaction, which can be high-stakes. Real estate is a major investment, and everyone benefits when the deal goes smoothly. However, disputes can arise, and they can be costly.

Some broker disputes we handle involve:

  • Listing agreements
  • Commercial real estate
  • Multi-tenant real estate
  • Broker fees
  • Broker commission
  • Breach of contract

Real estate transactions are governed by contracts, and disputes regularly arise when one party accuses another of not holding up their end of the agreement. Breach of real estate or broker contracts can involve:

  • A party failing to adequately disclose property defects or issues
  • Misrepresenting risks of the real estate transaction or other pertinent information
  • Brokers failing to represent the best interests of buyers or sellers
  • Parties not properly compensating brokers as agreed

There is already a lot of money on the line in real estate transactions, and the last thing you need is an unexpected broker or sales dispute. Our law firm works to resolve such matters through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration when possible. We also represent clients in court when needed to best protect their interests.

Consult with a Real Estate Broker and Sales Disputes Lawyer in Los Angeles County

If you are involved in a real estate deal and a dispute arises, seek help from a Los Angeles broker and sales dispute attorney at Urbach Law Offices, PC. Contact us or call 888.212.9071 for more information.