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Landlord / Tenant
Landlord / Tenant

Landlord / Tenant

Los Angeles Landlord Tenant Attorney

The landlord-tenant relationship is an important one, as many people lease residential housing or commercial space in the Los Angeles area. When this relationship goes awry, landlords can incur financial losses while tenants might lose their homes or workplaces.

It is important to have legal counsel before either party signs a residential or commercial lease. In addition, if you are a party to a landlord-tenant dispute or would like information about your eviction-related rights, it is critical to contact a landlord-tenant lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

The Urbach Law Offices, PC, represents the interests of both landlords and tenants in lease transactions and dispute resolution. Consult with our law firm directly today.

Legal Protection for Landlords

Property owners take a risk when they rent out residential or commercial space, but if all goes well, the venture can be highly lucrative. You want to ensure that an experienced landlord attorney reviews your lease agreements before you present them to tenants. We can ensure that the agreement fully represents your rights and interests should something go wrong during the lease term. 

If you believe you need to evict a tenant, there are specific procedures you must follow, and you want to have a lawyer navigating this process for you.

Defending Tenants’ Rights

Tenants also have important rights, and those should be reflected in the lease agreement. An attorney can review a potential lease and identify if there are any unfavorable terms before you sign. 

If your landlord breaches the agreement or violates your rights under California law, we can take proper action to remedy the situation. If your landlord initiates wrongful eviction procedures, we can identify all possible defenses to fight the eviction

Contact a Landlord Tenant Lawyer in Los Angeles for Assistance

The Urbach Law Offices, PC, represents both tenants and landlords in a variety of matters. If you need assistance with a lease agreement or dispute, call 310.479.1200 or contact us online to speak with a Los Angeles landlord tenant attorney.