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Do You Have a Construction Dispute?

Do You Have a Construction Dispute?

There are many players in construction projects, from property owners and investors to suppliers to contractors and subcontractors. There are also many different agreements between each of these parties, involving complex terms and obligations. Disputes can commonly arise when one party alleges that another violated an agreement, and with so much money on the line, it is critical to resolve these disputes in the most timely and favorable manner possible.

Below are some examples of common construction disputes. If you are facing a dispute of your own, your first call should be to an Encino construction dispute attorney.

Mistakes in Contracts

Contracts are the basis of construction projects, so it is imperative that every term of every agreement is drafted, negotiated, and reviewed by legal professionals to ensure it reflects the intended arrangement. Mistakes, omissions, or ambiguities can confuse parties and cause disputes to arise.

Breach of Contract Claims

Whether or not it is a valid claim, one party might allege that another party failed to meet their obligations under the contract. If you are on either side of this type of dispute, you are facing possible losses or liability, and you need the right legal assistance to prove or defend a breach of contract claim.

Nonpayment Claims

One common source of disputes is one party failing to properly compensate another as required by the contract. This could involve payment for work, supplies, and more, and the party seeking payment might need to file a mechanic’s lien. This is a complex process, but the right lawyer can ensure it is done correctly.

Learn How a Construction Litigation Lawyer in Encino Can Help

At Urbach Law Offices, PC, we can help resolve construction disputes through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation. Contact us online and call 888.212.9071 to discuss your conflict and how we can help.