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Possible Remedies for Breach of Contract Claims

Possible Remedies for Breach of Contract Claims

If someone fails to fulfill their obligations under a contract, it can be costly for your company. For example, if a supplier fails to make a delivery or only makes a partial delivery, it can put you in a bind, as you cannot fulfill your orders without the right supplies. You might need to purchase more expensive or lesser-quality supplies as a result.

If you bring a breach of contract claim, what are the legal remedies you might seek and receive?

Damages – You can seek compensatory damages from the breaching party for any losses your business incurred as a result of their failure to abide by the agreement. These can include expectation damages (the difference between the agreed-upon price and the price you had to pay for replacements) or consequential damages (lost profits as a result of the breach).

Specific performance – In some cases, the court might order the party to fulfill its end of the bargain. This is generally only ordered when monetary damages will not sufficiently compensate your company for its losses.

Injunction – If the breach of contract involved a non-disclosure, non-compete, or a similar agreement, the court might order the other party to stop their conduct that might involve disclosing confidential information or unfair competition with your business.

Contract rescission – If the other party did not fulfill its obligations, the court might allow you to cancel your obligations under the agreement and rescind the entire contract altogether.

Let an Encino Business Litigation Attorney Help

Knowing the possible remedies that might be available in your breach of contract case can help with negotiations before you head into court. An Encino business litigation lawyer from Urbach Law Offices, PC, can assess your situation and provide advice. Contact us online or call 888.212.9072 today.