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Proving Construction Defects

Proving Construction Defects

After moving into a newly constructed home or condo, you might have a feeling that something is not quite right. Sometimes, defects with your construction can be quickly obvious, such as large cracks forming in walls, floor slabs, or foundations, though many construction defects can take a few years to discover. They might start as a tiny hairline in a wall, but then the crack extends and widens over time, which can be a sign the building was not properly constructed.

Noticing something wrong and proving that it is the construction company’s fault are different things, however. So, how do you prove that you have a construction defect?

Evidence in Construction Defect Cases

Many new homes are part of a larger community and new construction plan. Sometimes, you are not alone in the problems you have with your home, and similar issues can stem throughout all of the newly constructed homes or units. If your neighbors have similar conditions, you should discuss the issue with a construction attorney.

You can also get an evaluation and opinion from other construction professionals regarding the cause of your problem and whether it was a defect of construction. You want to have concrete evidence to present to the builder so they cannot deny your claims.

Reach Out to an Encino Construction Litigation Lawyer

At Urbach Law Offices, PC, our Encino construction litigation attorneys can help you seek an explanation from a developer or builder about why the defect is happening, and request that they rectify the problem. Too often, a builder will try to simply make a quick fix that covers up signs of a problem but does not address the problem itself. This is not acceptable, as this can lead to worse issues down the line. We can help you get the complete repairs you need or take legal action against the company if needed.

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