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How Easements Cause Disputes Between Neighbors

How Easements Cause Disputes Between Neighbors

Easements often exist between property owners for a variety of reasons. An easement can grant one neighbor the right to use a designated part of the other neighbor’s property in a limited scope. For example, one person might have a driveway, and the easement allows the neighbor to use that driveway to access the back of their property.

Sometimes, easements are honored and accepted without issue. In other situations, one or both parties might cause problems that lead to an easement dispute. If you are facing a conflict with a neighbor over an easement, speak with an Encino real estate litigation lawyer right away.

Common Reasons for Disputes

There are different problems that can arise with easements, such as:

  • The owner of the dominant estate (the land that is used by the neighbor) refuses to let the neighbor use the land as the easement prescribes.
  • The servient estate (the neighbor using the dominant estate) oversteps the bounds of the easement and uses the land in a manner that is not permitted.
  • The dominant estate is sold, and the new owner refuses to honor the easement – or perhaps was never informed that the easement existed.

No matter what the subject of the dispute might be, it is important to resolve the matter effectively and efficiently. Most neighbors want to remain neighborly whenever possible, and no one wants a costly court battle. The right legal representation can help you negotiate your dispute to reach a favorable resolution. If needed, we can also represent you in court to protect your property rights.

Consult with an Encino Real Estate Litigation Attorney

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