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Obligations of Landlords in California

Obligations of Landlords in California

The lease goes both ways, giving tenants and landlords legal responsibilities. In exchange for the rent, landlords have a number of obligations. Here are four things that landlords must do when renting property.

Follow the Legal Process

The landlord must follow the law when it comes to evicting a tenant. They are not allowed to use “self-help” measures to evict the tenant on their own. This includes things like changing the locks or moving a tenant’s belongings out into the street. Instead, the landlord must file a legal action and can only evict if they get a court order.

Don’t Discriminate

Landlords have numerous federal and state laws to follow that prohibit discrimination. If a landlord is rejecting a renter’s application, they must have a sound basis. They are not forced to accept every application, but they are not allowed to discriminate based on:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity

Uphold the Lease

While the tenant must pay rent, the landlord has the obligation to provide habitable premises. This means that they must do things like make prompt repairs, keep up the property and provide adequate security. If not, the landlord could be sued by their tenant.

Don’t Violate Privacy

Landlords cannot simply enter the tenant’s home whenever they want. Instead, they must only enter for a valid reason and after giving the tenant 24 hours notice. In reality, landlords should limit the number of times that they have to enter, only doing it to make repairs or for inspections. Even though the landlord owns the property, the tenant has privacy rights so long as the lease is in effect.

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