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Resolving Partnership Disputes

Resolving Partnership Disputes

Having one or more business partners can be highly beneficial, though it can also lead to conflicts between partners. When a partnership dispute arises, it is critical to address the situation right away and resolve it in the most effective way possible. This prevents the possible disruption of business operations. Always let a business litigation attorney in Encino evaluate your options for dispute resolution.


Sometimes, partners simply need an outside perspective to bring to the negotiating table to resolve a dispute. With the right legal and practical business understanding, our attorneys can oversee informal negotiations to help resolve the issue in a manner that saves everyone time and resources.

Your Partnership Agreement

If basic negotiations are unsuccessful in finding a mutually agreeable solution, our attorneys will review your partnership agreement. This is because your agreement should have terms that require partners to resolve disputes in a certain manner. This might include:

  • Mediation – Partners can meet with a third-party mediator who can facilitate discussion and compromise regarding the dispute.
  • Arbitration – Arbitration seems similar to litigation in court, but it is generally a faster and less costly process.

If alternative dispute resolution is required by your partnership agreement, you want trusted legal representation throughout the whole process to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your business.


If you do not have a partnership agreement or there are no other dispute resolution requirements, you or another partner might need to file a lawsuit. If this is the case, you want a highly experienced business litigation lawyer on your side.

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There are many ways to resolve partnership disputes, and the legal team at Urbach Law Offices, PC, will work to find the best resolution while preserving maximum resources. Contact us online or call 888.212.9071 for a consultation.