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Who is Responsible for Construction Design Defects?

Who is Responsible for Construction Design Defects?

When a construction defect becomes known and causes problems for property owners, most people will automatically look to the contractors and construction crews. However, it is not always shoddy construction or substandard materials that lead to defects, as sometimes, defects can exist from the very start of the process. This happens when there is an inherent design defect, and the construction crews carry out the defective design.

If you believe that a costly construction defect might be the result of design malpractice, consult with an Encino construction litigation attorney right away.

What is Design Malpractice?

Architects and engineers are the foundation of any construction project. They have special education, training, and licensing that allows them to be in charge of designing proper structures – from residential homes to skyrise condo buildings to huge commercial complexes. When a professional makes a serious error, and it results in a defect of the structure, parties who suffered losses might hold that professional liable for design malpractice.

Some common forms of design malpractice include:

  • Official plans or blueprints have engineering or architectural errors
  • Allowing inexperienced or unqualified staff to oversee a design or engineering project
  • Not providing adequate supervision of junior design personnel and failing to thoroughly check their work
  • Having design and plans that fail to comply with building codes and other regulations
  • Not completing plans or upholding their end of the engineering agreement for the project

Proving any type of professional malpractice is challenging, and you want the right legal assistance to help you recoup your extensive losses from a construction design defect.

Seek Help from an Encino Construction Litigation Attorney

If you have complaints regarding any type of construction defect, or if someone has accused you of being responsible for a defect, Urbach Law Office, PC, can help. Contact us online or call 888.212.9071 to speak with an Encino construction lawyer today.